Dill Violins
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Student model. Eastern European work by "Kremona" Bulgaria.
Spirit varnish. Solid, well flamed Balkan wood.Professional set up.
$ 800

KAISER   $1,500.

"Shop" Violin
Student model   $1,500
Oil Varnish. Nice Instrument.

3/4 Hand made 2007
Craig Dill Violin

ANTIQUED Brown Craig Dill Violin

Craig Dill violin $ 5,500. Hand made in 2008.
Strad. model, red-brown oil varnish. Excellent playability.
Responsive, well balanced, warm sounding instrument

Craig Dill
Antiqued Violin  $6,000.00.
Handmade in 2008. Guarneri model. Red/Brown Oil Varnish


Violin by Craig Dill made in 2007 oil varnish,
beautiful flamed European maple,
box wood fittings. $ 6 000.

"Dill" Violin  
Strad model   $6,000.
Handmade in 1994 for the Arizona Violin Competition were it was awarded 1st place.
High quality Maple, Spruce, Ebony with Red Oil Varnish

Violin by Craig Dill. 2007 Strad.model, Oil varnish.
excellent playability, beautiful sound, lively, quick response.
$ 6 000.

Craig Dill Violin    2002   $6,500.  

"Dill" Violin
Commision Violin.  $6,500
One piece Maple Back, Spruce Top,
Oil Varnish, Loud, incredible tone and sound.
Professional set-up, beautiful wood.

F.X.Drozen 1934    $8,750

"Dill" Violin
 Strad model  $10,000
Handmade commision, Flamed Maple, Spruce Top evengrain.
Made in 2000. Well played in with a beautiful sound and excellent playability
Oil Varnish.

David Rubio   1996  1 Piece Back    $12,800.
Well known English maker. Several professional
European Quartets use matched Rubio instruments.

David Rubio  1997   2 Piece Back   $12,800.

Michael Darnton    2001     $13,500.

Michael Darnton  2000    $13,500.
Well known Chicago maker and known for many
articles in various trade applications.

Dominique Nestor Audinot    C.1875        $32,000.